Greenville Drive in
Greenville Drive in
Welcome To The Greenville Drive-in
Hello Everyone,
Many have been asking about this summer. We have waited as long as we could to make any announcements. We were recently informed that we will not be receiving 35mm because our sales were to low last summer and there are a lot less 35mm prints available. Upgrading to digital is our only option right now and the drive-in does not have the funds to upgrade. We are going to have a kickstarter project to try to fund raise for the digital. I am not sure of the timing, we are currently working on a couple of famous faces to help us with our project. As soon as we are ready, we will be posting it everywhere. We are very Grateful to all of you for the continued support you have shown us. We are far from giving up, but without the access to movies:
As of today May 27, 2014, the Greenville Drive-in will not be opening this summer.
Please continue to stay connected to our facebook page and website for developments and news. We have  worked this hard and we are not giving up!

Welcome To The Greenville Family Drive-in.
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